Arts & Culture Programs

RJ in the Media

SisterSong is working to bring Reproductive Justice into its rightful place as a household term just as well-known as women’s rights or civil rights. The perspectives of women of color are still generally omitted from widely-publicized discussions of events that make national news, and are unknown or disregarded by policy decision-makers, and that needs to change.

SisterSong is one of few women-of-color-led groups that has achieved national recognition, and is often called on by the media, US government, and United Nations to represent the voice of RJ and women of color. We utilize this platform to build public awareness of Reproductive Justice, amplify the voices of our sisters in the movement, uplift little-known issues, and bring RJ analyses to current events so that our ideas are spread by mainstream media. We are developing a critical mass of women of color with the skills and charisma to break through the barriers holding us down, win the attention of the media and the nation, and shift US culture to honor all women in our full humanity and equality.

Artists United for Reproductive Justice

Art has the power to break down barriers, uncover plugged ears, raise new questions and conversations, inspire compassion, spark activism, and rally multitudes around a cause. SisterSong’s Artists United for Reproductive Justice program is harnessing the incredible movement-building power of art.

AURJ convenes women of color artists (including trans* women) diverse in ethnicity, age, background, and artistic medium, to participate in RJ training and create collaborative artwork to advance the RJ movement. Our aim is to create easily replicable artwork that is spread throughout the nation by SisterSong and by allied groups. We will support groups in using the artwork to grow and deepen RJ activism in their communities, and we will maintain a support network for program alumni to continue making RJ artwork. With the greatest culture change tool of all, we will steadily reshape US culture to not only support, but demand Reproductive Justice for all.

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