Building Southern Synergy

Southern RJ Cohort

The South is flooded with a constant onslaught of abortion restrictions and other policies that curtail women’s human right to guide our own reproductive lives. SisterSong  formed the Southern RJ Network in 2010 to unify Southern RJ organizers into a single force with the strength to defend marginalized women and trans* people. When the Network paused for our 2012 leadership transition, the Groundswell Fund filled the gap by creating the Southern RJ Cohort. As the first leader in the Cohort’s rotating leadership plan, SisterSong is actively recruiting new women-of-color-led organizations and individual women of color leaders as members, and we are facilitating the group to collaborate on the Southern RJ Policy Initiative.

To address the Southern RJ Cohort’s top federal and state policy priorities influencing Southern RJ access, the Southern RJ Policy Initiative mobilizes women of color across the South to join collaborative strategies to impact policy. Our goals are to quickly quash proposed policies that strip away women’s human rights, and to advance proactive policies that prevent harmful policies from being introduced, and that directly protect the human rights of women of color and marginalized women in the South. We are building the collective power of Southern women of color and we are a force to be reckoned with.

To learn more or join the Southern RJ Cohort, contact us.

Organizing for Southern Women of Color

SisterSong mobilizes a vast base of supporters in rapid response organizing to protect the rights of women of color and other marginalized women and trans* people in the South. We organize huge marches, rallies, petitions, and social media campaigns that attract the attention of key decision-makers and the media. Issues include abortion and contraception access, the criminalization of women of color for miscarriage,  abortion, or protecting their families, and more.

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