RJ Training & Leadership Development


Reproductive justice training program

SisterSong’s charismatic leaders travel the nation constantly to give RJ speeches, presentations, workshops, and in-depth trainings tailored to any audience. We can show you how to persuade pro-life advocates to support abortion access, how to view any social justice issue through an RJ lens addressing intersecting oppressions in people’s lives, how to organize effectively, and more.  Offerings range from short speeches to trainings of 2 days or longer. Whether new or experienced with RJ, you will leave inspired and prepared to bring greater justice to the world by bringing RJ deeper into your life and work.

Please contact us to learn more or schedule a training.


RJ 101: A solid introduction to the framework


    • Reproductive oppression
    • Self-help
    • The 3 core principles of RJ
    • Intersectionality
    • RJ and the human rights framework
    • Current RJ issues and work
    • Abortion rights and beyond
    • The history of RJ and women-of-color-led organizing
    • The similarities and differences between RJ and the reproductive rights and health movements working with Mainstream Organizations

    RJ 102: Select up to 3 topics to apply RJ to your work


      • Issue inclusiveness
      • Standards for evaluating RJ
      • Dealing with naysayers, skeptics, and critics
      • Empowerment of women of color
      • Achieving stakeholder buy-in
      • Coalition building through RJ
      • Freedom vs. responsibilities and human rights
      • Building unity through self-help
      • Conflict resolution through RJ
      • Developing values & mission statements with RJ
      • Working with mainstream organizations


      Let’s Talk About Sex brings together new and experienced activists to break the taboos that prevent us from talking about sex in our personal and political lives, and even in RJ groups. The conference openly and honestly spotlights the connections between sex, sexuality, and the reproductive health and rights of our families and communities.

      The RJ Leadership Summit enables leaders from nearly all RJ organizations in the US to share resources and strategies, build collaborations, and develop movement-wide priorities so that we can advance farther by flying in formation together.

      Please see our events page for information on upcoming convenings.



      To bring the RJ framework to as many people as possible, SisterSong partners with large mainstream groups interested in infusing RJ into their policies and practices, and engaging their memberships in RJ activism. Any group can help change the world by promoting full reproductive freedom – including contraception and abortion access, comprehensive sex education, adequate prenatal and postpartum healthcare, parenting resources, living wages, physical safety, and more – as essential to every woman’s right to lead a completely self-determined life. If your organization is interested in partnering, we would love to help you advance these human rights for marginalized women and trans people in every aspect of your work. Please contact us.

      Mainstream Partner Examples: