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Monica Simpson, Executive Director
Pronouns: She/Her

Monica Raye Simpson, a queer, black, NC native, has organized extensively against human rights abuse, the prison industry, racism, and systemic violence against Southern black women and LBGTQ people. A proud graduate of the historically black Johnson C. Smith University, she earned a bachelor’s in Communications and organized for LGBTQ rights on and off campus. She then became the Operations Director and the first person of color at the Charlotte Lesbian & Gay Community Center. Next, she trained black youth in activism, philanthropy, and fundraising as the Ujamaa Coordinator for Grassroots Leadership. In 2010, she moved to GA to be our Development Coordinator; she was promoted to Deputy Coordinator in 2011, Interim Executive Director in 2012, and Executive Director in 2013.

Monica is a nationally sought-after facilitator, speaker, and organizer, constantly called upon to travel the country for appearances. She is the only woman among the 4 founders of Charlotte, NC's Black Gay Pride Celebration, the first in the Bible Belt, which received awards from the National Black Justice Coalition and the Human Rights Coalition for its incredible launch with 7,000 participants. She has been featured in many publications for her activism, and has written many articles on LGBTQ issues, RJ, over-policing of black/brown communities, philanthropy, and Southern activism. In 2014 she was named a New Civil Rights Leader by Essence Magazine, and in 2015 was chosen as a panelist for the Women of the World Summit. Also a full circle doula certified through the International Center for Traditional Childbirth, she serves on the boards of the Fund for Southern Communities and the legendary Highlander Center.

A singer and spoken word artist who infuses art into her activism, Monica has appeared in theatrical productions such as For the Love of HarlemWords the IsmsWalk Like a ManThe Vagina Monologues, and For Colored Girls. She released her first solo album, Revolutionary Love, in 2015, and she has performed at events across the country, including singing the National Anthem and the National Black Anthem for the annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. march and rally in Atlanta, GA. Monica created Artists United for Reproductive Justice as a project of SisterSong in order to create a platform for artists to collaborate on replicable artwork that furthers the Reproductive Justice movement.

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Leah Jones, Deputy director
Pronouns: She/Her

Leah Jones is a visual artist and native to Louisville, Kentucky. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting and Electronic Media from Eastern Kentucky University, with a background in broadcast journalism. Before joining SisterSong, Leah organized to increase wages and benefits for higher education adjunct professors in Georgia. Leah knew in 2014 after joining the team as a consultant during the SisterSong “Standing Our Ground” national protest, she had found her movement home. To her, reproductive justice was not just a framework, but a lived experience she could relate to. Before becoming our Executive Administrator in 2015, Leah had six years’ previous experience in wealth management for a team of Vice Presidents at Goldman Sachs.  There she worked with diverse teams to shape company strategy, culture, and brand. After receiving a certification in Nonprofit Human Resources Management from Emory University, Leah was promoted to Deputy Director in 2017. As Deputy Director, Leah works to facilitate a productive and cohesive environment for the staff, board members, interns and volunteers, using the SisterSong Mission, Principles of Unity and the Self-Help process as the guiding vision for change. 

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Christian Adams, Membership and Development Coordinator

Pronoun: She/Her

Christian Adams is a native of North Carolina and comes to SisterSong with over 14 years of social work experience which includes grant management, community organizing, clinical therapy, program implementation, and parent education. A lifelong advocate for women and children, Christian stands out as a skilled facilitator with a real-life understanding of social and organizational change that is grounded in social work best practices. She combines both her clinical and community engagement skills to help others understand the multiple layers of social influence on people’s lives. Her education and career have always focused on her passion to help individuals indirectly by investigating social issues, advocating for populations in need, and working to develop macro-level initiatives to address large scale social problems. She has achieved building strong relationships with community stakeholders and practitioners across multiple disciplines in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Christian is dedicated to contributing to the field of macro level social work, while fighting for reproductive justice for all people of color.

Christians’ educational background includes a Master of Social Work and a Bachelor of Social Work both from East Carolina University, in Greenville, North Carolina. She is the proud mother of four children Brian, Antonio, Christopher, and Alicia.  

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OREOLUWA (OREO) ADEGBOYEGA, Executive Administrator


 Oreo is a cisgender male, Brooklyn, NY native and Atlanta, GA transplant. Oreo graduated from Georgia State University with a Bachelors in Finance and Hospitality. His exposure to the Reproductive Justice and Black Feminist movement made it easy to make the shift to SisterSong from corporate. In 2016, he began with SisterSong as a volunteer during our Trust Black Women Resource Days. His interest quickly grew, and he then joined SisterSong as an intern. In 2017, he became SisterSong’s Administrative Assistant and the first male to join our staff, in our 20 years of existence. His time in the RJ movement has inspired him to create the RJ For Black Men training under SisterSong’s Reproductive Justice training programming. He believes in bringing awareness to relevant issues such as racism and toxic masculinity within his community to aid breaking down barriers that deny human rights.

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Danielle Rodriguez is a queer mother, doula and RJ organizer whose work is focused on protecting the most marginalized communities in all aspects of reproductive justice. Danielle believes in the quote by Audre Lorde “I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own” and Danielle strives to make sure their work reflects that daily.

Danielle is the National Conference Coordinator at SisterSong, and their role is focused on planning the organizations national conferences such as the Anniversary Reproductive Justice Leadership Conference and the Let’s Talk About Sex! Conference.

As a doula, Danielle’s work started as a call to action after learning about the growing problem of maternal mortality and morbidity in the United States and how black pregnancies are disproportionately negatively affected. Danielle learned that when you empower black people about their rights and how to advocate for themselves it creates the space of safety and oftentimes garners successful outcomes.

Danielle lives in Atlanta. 

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Kenyetta Chinwe is a black queer woman of Caribbean heritage. She is a Florida native who has resided in Atlanta for the last 20 years. As the daughter, granddaughter, and niece of generations of Pentecostal Christian Ministers, she has been immersed in a faith community since birth. While a young artist singing and reciting in church, she was always interested in using her gifts to push the world in the direction of liberation, equity, equality, and harmony. Her desire to use both her art and faith as agents for change in the tradition of many African American artists before her, motivated her to attend Howard University, first as a classical voice major, then shifting majors to musical theater. She was herself ordained in the apostolic church in 1997 but has since separated from that denomination. Her quest to understand and fully embrace the spiritual aspects of life and service led her to explore the areas of faith-based leadership by engaging in two 9-month processes that conferred on her the titles of priestess and high priestess respectively. In the course of those processes she was also ordained as a minister in the Madonna Ministries under her Mentor and High Priestess Facilitator Lisa Michaels.

The last fifteen years she’s spent working in finance doing sales, marketing, and project management. She is now utilizing those skills she gained in Faith based leadership, Arts, and Management, to advance the work of Reproductive Justice as the SisterSong Amplify Project Coordinator. She is working to build a base of Faith leaders and people of faith to support the cause of Reproductive Health, Reproductive Rights and Reproductive Access.

She still pursues her love of the arts and you will see her performing from time to time in the Atlanta area. She released her Debut EP Seasons in 2015 and is currently working on a full-length recording project.